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Twitter me Money!

Tweet Value Are you on Twitter? Your own twitter ad could be worth hundreds of dollars, or in my case a couple hundred pennies…Unfortunately my new Twitter account is only worth a whopping $2. Check out http://tweetvalue.com/ for your tweet value.

I’m working on gaining some followers so I can feel popular. You can do the same and one day sell your tweet ad for more than Miley Cyrus’s, which is worth over $19 thousand!  I’m planning a tweet contest, check daily for updates, free gift involved!

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Your Online Piggie Bank Police!

imagesEveryone should be on a budget, but now more than ever given our current economic crisis. Budgeting can be as hard as sticking to your New Year’s Resolution. It sounds great and feasible at first, until you see SALE posters pinned up at your local boutique. Resisting temptation and impulse buys is a girl’s weakness; sometimes self-control just isHow to Increase Your Wealth!n’t enough. Make a financial budget and learn how to stikk to it at www.stickk.com or else! The “or else” is not a threat, it’s a reality. Buyer’s remorse and a guilty conscience are not the only things that can cost you. On stickk.com you can set up automatic penalty charges if you go over your budget. Harsh, but necessary!

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How to be seen first at your next doctor’s appointment!

surgmaskI needed to renew my medication prescription today, so I made a last-minute doctor’s appointment. Shockingly, I made it just shy of my actual appointment time. I walked up to the front desk, gave my name and insurance card and waited for the ok to have a seat. The receptionist was tapping her fake nails on her keyboard and gazing blankly onto the computer screen. I slowly started to inch away toward the waiting room until I heard her slide some paperwork my way. With her eyes still on the screen she said, “Please make sure your address information is still the same and sign at the bottom. When you’re done put on a mask.” I paused and replayed that sentence in my head. “Seriously?”, I asked. “Right now??”. “Yes, please”, she casually replied. So I reached skeptically toward the neatly stacked surgical masks. Dumbfounded, I asked again, “So, right now? Why?”, I asked in disbelief. “Oh just a safety precaution.”, the reception assured me.

I’ve never worn one of these.  There were two elastic loops for each ear, just like a mickey mouse mask.  I hesitantly pulled it over my face and let it rest just above my upper lip as if in rebellion.  I peeked over toward the waiting room expecting to see a room full of mask-wearing patients.  But soon realized, I was the only one.  The receptionist asked me to wait at the front desk for the nurse.  A few waiting room bound patients shot paranoid peeks in my direction.  It could have been my imagination, but it looked like one of them nonchalantly moonwalked away from me.

I didn’t even have a chance to make it to the waiting room.  A pudgy little nurse marched toward me in such urgency, that I thought I was being taken away to an insane asylum.  As I followed her spastic waddle down the hall, I noticed not ONE person was wearing a mask.  I thought maybe visitors needed to wear them for the first few minutes or so.  I asked the nurse if I still needed to wear it while I waited for the doc.  She nodded her head with a smile and scooted on out.  Of course I used this opportunity alone to snap some camera shots for family and friends!  I gave my most paranoid expressions, since my eyes would be doing all the talking.  My mini photo shoot was cut short by my doc’s uncharacteristic punctuality.  “So, what brings you in today?”, she asked. “Oh just a prescription renewal.” I replied. “Is that the only reason?” “Uh, yeah”, I answered. “What’s with the mask?”, she asked bluntly. Great, now I felt more stupid than I looked. “Well I thought you could answer that for me…”, I replied sarcastically.

Next thing I know she’s on the phone with the front desk. “Why is my patient wearing a mask?”, she asked sternly. Apparently, there was a sticky note that got stucknopiggiesallowed to my file. The note was from another patient’s folder and read, “Flu-like symptoms”. I tore the mask off instantly and before I threw it away, remembered my ingenious anti-swine flu campaign for subway riders. It could be a great fashion statement. “Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Smell No Evil Swine.”

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Pizza from Italy in the Grocery Store??

I am a self-proclaimed food snob! I would rather fly to Italy for dinner than to getkashi Mushroom & Spinach Trio pizza anywhere other than New Jersey. Until I discovered Kashi’s Mushroom Trio Frozen Pizza!! I ate the entire pie  myself, but normal people can definitely share. I would say its enough for 2 servings, maybe even 3. But I have a sneaking suspicion you wouldn’t want to share this one! When the box says thin crust, they really mean it. I had pizza during my trip to Italy almost 3 times a day, and a bite of Kashi’s Mushroom-Trio, sent my tastebuds on a one-way to Rome.

Mushroom Trio & Spinach

Baby Portobello, Champignon and Shiitake mushrooms with spinach, mozzarella and provolone cheeses with a tomato parmesan sauce on a wood-fired, thin crust made with Kashi 7 Whole Grains & Sesame™ and flax seed. Vegetarian


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Does your Facebook page need a facelift?

how to customize your facebook pageIf your facebook page is looking drab and  in need of a facelift? click here. Make your page stand out from the rest. In most cases, you shouldn’t judge a booksample page by its cover, unless it’s your Facebook of course!  Add color and life to your page in minutes. Follow the instructions in the link to get your new face!

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Lean on Vaseline!

smgThe multi-faceted product, Vaseline, has other titles to add to its resume. In addition to acting as a facial moisturizer and highlighter, Vaseline moonlights as a foot and hand softener, makeup-remover and tan blocker, making it a quintuple threat.

I probably shouldn’t publicize this, so I’ll leave out names. Someone whom I care for deeply, has a nasty case of rough, calloused foot skin. He swears by Vaseline as his miracle healer. Although, I have to say the thought of using Vaseline seemed a bit too extreme in my opinion. Jergen’s would have been my first choice, until I realized my feet weren’t worlds better than his…

So, I gave Vaseline a chance. My mom suggested that I first slather my feet with it, then put a pair of socks on before bed. The next morning my feet were fully rejuvenated and as smooth as butter! I’m assuming you could do the samevaseline_lotion on your hands, if you’re willing to wear mittens throughout the night. If not, I also highly recommend trying Vaseline Intensive-Care Moisturizer.

Before I wash my face at night, I do a decent rub down of my eye makeup with a little bit of Vaseline.  It takes seconds and leaves much less work for your face-wash!  Your pillow cases will thank you in the morning.

If you’re a spray tan goddess, don’t forget to bring your Vaseline with yvaselineou.   Spray tans can discolor your cuticles and pronounced areas on your body.  Apply a small amount on each finger nail at the cuticle, and on knees, elbows, eyebrows, knuckles and in between fingers.

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Good ‘ol Vaseline!

Themuffintopse days, people’s budgets are tighter than non-stretchy jeans. But, it is almost summer, and our flirty feminism is blossoming from underneath the dark, cold rock of winter blues. The summer if full of shiny, happy people and why shouldn’t we be? The sun is making us happier, thanks to vitamin D, and seems to create a total eclipse on our sunshiningthighs, (when cellulite moves into the shadow of  a tan).

Our feet are free of socks and sweaty boots. The draft, from beneath this summer’s signature chiffon-layered skirt, is making us feel cool. This is the time chiffonskirtwhen we want to spend extra time on our looks, experimenting with summer hair do’s and new makeup trends. Unfortunately, the draft from the inside of our wallets is freezing our finances to death! Enter, VASELINE!

Every makeup brand carries countless products that create a dewey glow. However, many of those products, (the ones that actually work without turning you orange), range from $30-$60 in price! While I do recommend investing in at least one of those products, I recommend doing so when its in your budget. If not, pull out Vaseline and dab very lightly on cheek bones, the bridge of your nosevaseline, lips and under eyebrows. You’ll end up with a flawless, radiant glow that costs under $5!! I use it all the time!

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Free Ice Cream at Friendly’s!!!

You have until the 12th to visit Friendly’s restaurant and get a FREE scofriendlys3op of ice cream! I know Friendly’s is old school circa 1992, but FREE ice cream is worth taking a trip down memory lane. I remember enjoying their breadbowl salads as well, so make it a date! http://www.friendlys.com

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Best Places to Charge your phone in NYC!


A trip to NY can end in dead batteries in your feet and cell phones.  Outside vendors are now charging $10 to charge your phone! I’m not exactly sure how much time they give you, but how long would you want to stand in a cloud of falafel grease waiting?  Ok, I would, but not for $10.  After 12 years of working in the city, I have rated New York Penn Station and the Waldorf Astoria as the BEST phone charging places where you can pee!

New York Penn Station: If you take the train into the city for a day trip, I highly recommend using Penn Stations outlets!  A little more than 5 years ago, they renovated penn_waitingareapart of the station into a cleaner, shinier peach-colored waiting area with a really cute model train exhibit behind glass.  The outlets are located in the new waiting area’s restroom.

Directions to outlet: If you are standing in the new area facing the inside of the station, the stairs on the left will lead you toward a small seating area with public restrooms.  There are outlets in the bathrooms near the sink, but you have to deal with 16 year olds spraying hair gel and  putting on burgandy lip-liner.  So, even better, there are outlets right outside the bathrooms a few feet away from the TV monitor.  You can sit down, charge your phone and watch the schedule on the screen.  You won’t miss your train and if you have IBS, you won’t need to run far.  The best of all worlds!

waldorf_astoriaThe Waldorf Astoria: The public restrooms on the first floor consist of your own private four-wall  luxury room,  equipped with a sparkling white and brass toilet seat, marble counter, organic vegetable soap from France, flattering lighting and OUTLETS!  Blow dry your hair, charge your phone, stick your finger in the socket, whatever makes you happy!  There is never a ling so you don’t have to worry about taking too long.  If you get hungry you can probably eat the soap..

Directions: 301 Park Avenue So. between 49th and 50th.  Take the E train to 53 rd and Lexington, or the 6 train to 51 st.

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